Frontier Squares

Dangle Dances

Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation Dangle Dances   Dance, Dance, Dance! The best way to become a better dancer is to dance often.  Visiting other clubs is a great way to do this because experiencing other callers allows you to experience differing methods.  This variety will help you grow in your knowledge and not be stuck […]

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Square Dance Etiquette

SQUARE DANCE ETIQUETTE “Square Dancing is Friendship Set to Music”   Square Dancing, like all other forms of dancing, is a team-building activity. It cannot be successful or fun unless a code of manners is applied. Square dancing has rules that make the dances go smoothly. Taking a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules […]

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Frontier Squares Terminology

Angels The small, winged creatures found mostly in statuary within churches. They are also the code name for experienced dancers who attend classes to fill in squares and help new dancers, a.k.a. mentors, and many times, Frontier Squares Club Members.   Calls Calls are made by a caller who communicates to the dancers what steps […]

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