Frontier Squares

Frontier Squares 2023 New Dancer Program BASIC


Schedule is subject to change.

YELLOW calls have been taught already. 

GREEN calls are next to be presented.


What to do if you miss a class:

  1. Check this schedule for the date(s) and the call lessons you missed.  (Please note it is not recommended that many consecutive classes are missed as much of learning requires muscle memory which cannot be learned by watching videos or reviewing text and graphs.)
  2. By scrolling further down this page, you will find "Square Dance Calls:  Basic / Mainstream / Plus".  They are listed in alphabetical order.  Click and navigate to the calls you wish to review.
      • "Saddle Brooks Squares Videos" will redirect you to online videos of the call being taught using caller and people in squares.
      • "Tamination Link" will redirect you to a website that you can read text and see the steps using circle and square graphics.
Frontier Squares MAINSTREAM PLUS schedule 2023




(Clicking the underlined links will take you to the instruction for the specific call) 


Federation Tri-Fold (Greater Cincinnati Square Dancing)

Ohio Square and Round Dance Contact List 2019

Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation Class & Club Flyer


Friendship Dangle Forms

Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation Friendship Dangle Form

2020 Ohio Friendship Dangle Form


Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation: Formerly the Southern Ohio Northern Kentucky Square Dance Federation, this is the organized effort to connect the area's square dance clubs. Has links to other clubs, too!

Taminations: Square Dance animations of calls

Saddlebrook: You Tube videos of Mainstream thru Plus calls

Jack Pladdys: Club Caller & Class Instructor

Barb Bennett:  Club Line Dance Leader & Instructor

Pam Courts: Class Instructor