Frontier Squares

Frequently Asked Questions



  • I have two left feet, so I can't dance. Why should I even try? Now, we doubt you have two left feet. We have a quick quiz to determine if you could be a square dancer. Answer the following questions: 1) Can you count to 10? 2) Do you know which is your left hand and which is your right hand? 3) Can you tell the difference between a circle and a square? 4) Do you like to have fun? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you can 100% be a great square dancer. Much of getting there is learning, practicing, then building upon your knowledge. Start with our New Dancer (Beginner) Program in January, and stick with it every Tuesday. By October, you'll be able to dance at the Plus level, meaning you will be able to square dance worldwide.


  • I don't have a partner, can I still take classes?  YES!  C'mon and join the fun.  Our Club Instructor uses a computer-generating program that teams dancers together.  You will be assigned a partner and be promenading in no time!


  • My partner only wants to dance with me.  Is that a problem?  Not at all.  If a couple only wants to dance with each other, then when you give your names to the Club Caller, please tell him to keep you together.


  • What should I wear? Great question!  For classes, we are pretty casual. Since dancing is a cardio activity, layers may be best so you can take off and put on as you deem appropriate. If you tend to perspire a lot, it would be appreciated if you wear long sleeves so that the other dancers do not have to grab hold of a sweaty arm when we "Left Allemande".   We dance on a vinyl floor, so we suggest comfortable shoes that do not grip.  For Themed Dances, it depends.  Today's Square Dance Attire is usually defined both as what you picture as stereotypical square dance outfits and as dressy casual (skirts for ladies, western attire for men.)  You can find our detailed dress code here:  Terminology


  • I missed a class . . . Now what?  Breathe, life happens, we understand. First, we recommend you look at "News & Announcements" under "The Members' Tip" menu on our website. Here you will be kept in the loop with our announcements. Next navigate to "Files & Links".  There you will find both our New Dancer Program Schedule and instructional tools for the missed calls -- under "Square Dance Calls (Basic / Mainstream / Plus). By clicking on each individual call, you will navigate to an instructional video or graphic so you can catch up from the comfort of your home. The following week, our caller/instructor will start with a quick review of the previous week's lesson before introducing the new calls.


  • we'll add more questions as folks start asking.