Frontier Squares Ohio

Square Dance Class

The Square Dance Class

Students and experienced dancers called “angels” gather once per week at the dance hall to learn and practice new dance “calls”.  Square Dance calls are directed movements spoken or sung by the “caller” in time with Square Dance music.

You start with the very basic calls, and will sometimes learn between three and five new calls each class. You will also practice calls learned in previous weeks.  You will gradually build up experience and your list of learned calls will grow.

Our callers can weave the many calls together in new and unique ways so that each lesson is varied and interesting.  The angels are there to provide guidance and to help you if you have trouble.

Every one who square dances “has trouble” and forgets a specific movement or call.  You should never worry about this as it is a natural part of square dancing.  Even the experts who have years of experience will make mistakes.

Angels and Getting Help

Every new couple will be paired with an “angel sponsor”.  While any angel can and is very willing to help, you will have your own special “angel sponsors”.  Sponsors will be an experienced club members who you can turn to for questions, special help, or just general support.  You do not have to dance in the same square with your angel sponsors, and you will want to mix it up anyway and meet and dance with other couples.  But they are always available to help you whenever you need or ask for it.

The Class “Mechanics”

The class which begins on January 13th, will meet for approximately 2 hours every Tuesday night. See the Home page for the exact times.  These classes last all the way through the summer, up until July or August, depending on how fast the class is making progress.  If you miss a week because of travel or illness, you have several options.  You can just return the next week, and can be “caught up” with reviews held during the beginning of each class.  You also are free to travel to the Venus and Mars Club in Wyoming, where a parallel class taught by our same callers in underway.  Thus, you can learn (or just practice) the calls you missed at Frontier Squares.

The class costs $4 per person per lesson.  Refreshments are provided, and you will have a chance to learn and practice your growing collection of mastered square dance calls.  During the frequent breaks, you will meet new people and have great conversations.

Once you have almost completed the first two “levels” of square dance calls (known as BASIC and MAINSTEAM), then you will be invited to one of many Square Dances that are held at Frontier Squares or at other Clubs in the region.  These will be special dances in which the callers will NOT call anything you have not already learned.

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