Frontier Squares

In Memory

The square dancing community is tight-knit. We feel the loss of any member just as we would someone in our family. Here, we honor those who have danced with us and still dance in our hearts.

  • Charlotte Davis
  • Dave Mather

Charlotte Davis

Charlotte was the wife of Frontier Squares' first caller (Johnny).   You can read Charlotte's account of "How Did Frontier Squares Get Started" in our History Booklet.  From what we've been told, Johnny was a dynamic, talented teacher and caller that attracted many dancers to our activity.

Thanks to Johnny & Charlotte, and the five squares of people who were in the first class that started in 1971, they gave birth to our wonderful club that we love as Frontier Squares.  Johnny called for Frontier from August, 1972 to January, 1985 when he died suddenly.  At the time of his death the membership of Frontier was at its all-time highest, 276 members.

We regret we never had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte (we had invited her multiple times to attend honor dances or anniversary dances).  If you believe the phrase, "Behind every successful man is a woman," plus her welcoming smile (shown in the picture below), we say “THANK YOU” for her dedication and efforts that helped make Frontier Squares what it is today.

Dave Mather

Dave was our last active Charter Member that was with Frontier Squares when it became a club in 1972.  He passed away peacefully on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at the age of 84.  When we talk about "Standing on the Shoulders" of members in the past, it was never truer than it was for Dave & his wife Pat.  His daughter remembers going to dances with them when she was a teenager.  They were never club officers, but were part of the "lifeblood" of the club.  Dave substituted teaching lessons for Johnny Davis when needed from 1973 - 1985.  Dave taught lessons after Johnny died in 1985, co-taught with Alan Johnstone in 1986 and taught the class of 1992 from Sept - Dec. when Pam Courts was hired.  There are many dancers out there that have him to thank for their many years of dancing  (Barry and I were in the class of 1992 and had a special bond with Dave.  He always let us know that he was proud of us and our involvement).  It is also noted in our club history that Dave taught line dancing at club dances in between tips in 1981.