Frontier Squares

About Our Officers

Members, feel free to call or email anyone of these officers with questions or suggestions.

Executive Board

President Barry and Peggy Carney 513-831-1519,
Vice President Ed & Marti Crawford
Treasurer Harvey & Jo Bond
Recording Secretary Ann Marie and Bob Klein


Assistant Treasurer Becky White & Janet Knose
Corresponding Secretary Debbie Chapman
Membership Diane Sova
Hospitality Dan & Veronica Storms (Chairs)
Joan & Jim Lessard
Becky White
Dennis & Barb Iverson
Jan Pancheri & Ed Murphy
John & Erika Cappel
Mort & Barb Nicholson
Dennis & Barb Iverson
Amy Geist
John Jensen & Jean Ann Ruble
Banner Raids Russ DeMaris 513-686-9214
Fundraising Diane Sova
Decorating/Theme Team Sally Godschalk (Chair)
Margaret Freije
Karen Howard
Amy Geist
Bill Chamberlain
Lydia Hirsh
Debbie & Dick Honebrink
John & Erika Cappel
Marketing/Advertising (None)
Federation Reps Cindy Bennett
Peggy Carney
Russ DeMaris
Becky White
Round Dance Rep (None)
Facebook Manager Bob & Ann Marie Klein (Chair)
Susan Gifford
Website Mark and Lynn McCuistion
Susan Gifford