Square Dance for Fun, Fitness & Fellowship!

Today’s square dancing is choreographed to Modern Country and Pop favorites.

Many (60+) of our club members attended the General Butler Bash square dance festival at the end of January.  Here we are in our Club Shirts on Friday, and Black and White on Saturday.

We held our 2018 Introduction to Square Dancing class 9 January.  2018 Teaching Plan.  Here's our guests and club members practicing the Grand Right & Left

Questions: Barry & Peggy Carney, 831-1519

In case of inclement weather, watch for “Frontier Squares Dance Club” cancellation on Channel 12 after 5:00 p.m.

Summerfest 2018 - Unfortunately, we are not able to host Summerfest this year.

Our mission:

To foster the art of square dancing and improve dancers’ skills, with a strong focus on promoting and expanding square dancing within the community. We fulfill this mission by providing guidance and education in a fun, friendly, welcoming environment

Jack Pladdys - club caller & class instructor
Pam Courts -  alternates with Jack as a Class Instructor

Interested in Square Dance Lessons or need other information:

Club Presidents: Barry and Peggy Carney
513-831-1519, carneybp@fuse.net

Our club, having fun!

Circle Left
Circle Left
Right & Left Grand
Right & Left Grand