Frontier Squares

Student Resources

We're happy to welcome our class of 2020 Square Dancing students! Please see below for some helpful resources as you continue your Square Dancing journey.

  • Classes start at 7PM every Tuesday
  • Jack is scheduled to teach the 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays, Pam the 2nd & 4th. Tom Davis will fill in for Jack on 2/4 and 4/7.
  • Teaching Plan, January to April - A full list of the calls you'll be learning (Basic, Mainstream, Plus) are here.
  • Taminations: A Smartphone App to help you learn and practice the calls (Apple) (Android)
  • Saddlebrook


Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation - new name (as of September 17, 2017) for Southwestern Ohio/Northern Kentucky Square Dancers Federation (SONKSDF):

The Federation was formed in 1961 to represent the dancers in our area. Previously, the dance activity was primarily organized by callers. All local clubs that pay dues to the Federation are asked to send four (4) representatives to six (6) meetings a year (January, March, May, July, September, November). With enthusiastic support of the member clubs, excellent attendance by the club representatives, and outstanding leadership, our Federation has grown and flourished. Note – the term “square dancing” includes round dancing, contra, line dancing and other related arts.


The purposes of the Federation are stated in the By-laws, but here is an overview:

  • Exchanging ideas and stimulating active fellowship among the area dance clubs
  • Fostering interest in dancing by advertising, planning demonstrations and encouraging classes
  • Sponsoring and promoting the Federation Friendship Badge
  • Supporting DanceNews (our email communication system)
  • Supporting an annual Ohio Dance Convention
  • Affiliating with the Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, Inc. by sending representatives to their quarterly meetings
  • Supporting the Greater Cincinnati Callers and Teachers Association