Frontier Squares

Start earning your Federation Friendship Dangle today!

The concept of the Friendship Badge began in 1964. Originally it was called the Traveling Badge. Many ideas for the shape of the badge were submitted, but the “clasped hands” was chosen and it has remained the same since 1964. The purpose of the badge is to stimulate an active fellowship among the square and round dance clubs within our Federation. The idea caught on and many dancers have earned the badge several times. After the first badge, they do not receive additional new badges, but dangles with the appropriate number on them.

In order to earn your friendship badge, carry the form with you and each time you dance at a club that is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation, have a club officer or the club caller sign it.

***There are a total of 13 square dance (mainstream and plus) clubs in the Federation. Dancers need to dance a total of 20 times, but they may dance up to 3 times at any of 5 clubs and 1 or 2 at the remaining clubs, excluding the dancer’s “Home Club,” which may be listed only once.

Give your form to your Federation Representative once it is completed. He/She will turn it in at the next Federation meeting (held every other month) and you will receive your badge. The Federation pays for the badge.


  • You must dance a total of 20 times at Federation member clubs
  • You may dance up to 3 times at any 5 clubs and 1 or 2 times at the other clubs, excluding your home club (can only be listed once)
  • A club Officer or Club Caller must initial your form at each dance
  • Federation sponsored dances qualify—i.e. Honor Dance, Ronald McDonald Dance, etc.
  • Only one form is needed per couple
  • When your form is complete, give it to your Federation Representative to turn in at the next Federation meeting

    Federation Friendship Dangle Dance Form