Frontier Squares

Federation Dangle Dance Dates are announced!

The concept of the Friendship Badge began in 1964. Originally it was called the Traveling Badge. Many ideas for the shape of the badge were submitted, but the “clasped hands” was chosen and it has remained the same since 1964. The purpose of the badge is to stimulate an active fellowship among the square and […]

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Class Teaching Schedule: Beginner Level

We wrapped up Class #2 last night with our Club Caller Jack Pladdys! Jack sent this Beginner schedule so you’ll know just what we’ll be working on for the week. Also, check out the Taminations mobile app, as well as this handy cheat sheet made by Saddlebrook Squares! All calls in the list are sorted […]

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Butler Bash coming up January 25 & 26!

If you have your tickets and are going to the Butler Bash at the end of the month, we’d like to share a few suggestions/fun facts from our past dance week-end experience for your consideration.  In the past, many of our Frontier dancers have done the following: wear our club color/shirt for the Friday night […]

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