Frontier Squares

Need to Review? Plus Lessons Begin at Class on Tuesday Nights

Have you been away from square dancing for awhile?  Need a little refresher?  Come and join us on Tuesday nights as our class begins Plus lessons at 7:00 p.m. on June 11th!  Please note we won’t have class on June 18th due to Vacation Bible School at Prince of Peace Church.  We will only miss class that one night in June.

Frontier Squares offers a Review Session on Tuesdays for one hour before class – 6:00pm.  The purpose is for our dancers to review calls and get more practice. You know what they say – “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” – and it takes time and practice for the calls to become part of our muscle memory. We coordinate the Review Session with the teaching schedule. There is no charge for this session – FEEL FREE TO JOIN US!