Frontier Squares

March Banner Raid Report

There was one banner raid in February.

  • February 8th – Frontier Squares had 37 dancers at River Squares’ Chocolate Dance where we retrieved our banner.

I have planned 3 banner raids in March and April.

  • Thursday March 21 – Venus & Mars’ Wearing of the Green Dance where we will retrieve our banner.                  Jack Pladdys & Ted Lizotte (from New England) will be doing the calling.
  • Sunday April 14 – Gem City’s Hallelujah Jubilee Dance where we will retrieve our banner.                  Pam Courts & Ken Roberts will be doing the calling.
  • Saturday April 27 – Clinton County’s Roaring 20s Dance where we will steal their banner.                  Ed Pabst will be doing the calling.

These last 2 dances are both at the Michael Solomon Pavilion in Kettering.

The only dance that was raided was our trial dance at Prince of Peace Lutheran church.Venus & Mars raided with about 12-14 members and they stole our banner. Shirts & Shirts raided with about 8-10 members and they also stole our banner.

It was difficult to get an exact count for either club since many of their new members belong to both clubs, There were also a few members at the dance who are also members of our club s well.

Since there has been only one banner raid in 2019, so far our average is 37. Hopefully, we can see a strong turn out to all of these raids.