Frontier Squares

Banner Raids

We participate in the Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation Banner Raid program.  The clubs that participate have a banner with their name and small replica of their club logo on it.  We schedule a date to go to a club and take their banner (a "Raid"), then that club comes to one of our dances to "Retrieve" their banner.  This program encourages groups of dancers from area clubs to visit each other. The benefits are many – getting to know other dancers, enjoying a variety of callers, increasing dance attendance….but mainly having fun.  We keep track every time you attend a Banner Raid or Retrieval and you receive a dangle for every five you attend.  You'll have a dangle with "10" on it before you know it.  Every time you get a new one you can return the old one and it gets passed on to someone else.


Date Club # of Frontier Dancers Raid or Retrieval
2/7/19 River Squares 37   Retrieval
3/21/19 Venus & Mars 37   Retrieval
4/14/19 Gem City 10   Retrieval
4/27/19 Clinton County  8   Retrieval
5/25/19 Skirts & Shirts 27   Retrieval
6/6/19 Venus & Mars 23   Raid
6/14/19 River Squares 12   Retrieval
7/1/19 Unicorners 16   Raid
7/17/19 Hexagons 13   No exchange
7/25/19 Beechmont Squares 17   Retrieval
8/9/19 Wheeler Dealers 10   No exchange
8/17/19 Tandem Squares  6   No exchange
8/26/19 Unicorners 11   Raid
9/7/19 Kentucky Kuzzins  7   Retrieval
9/28/19 Vagabond 2   No exchange
10/12/19 Skirts & Shirts 19   Raid
10/26/19 Clinton County     Retrieval

Note - Frontier Squares has been on 16 Banner Raids/Retrievals in 2019 and our average number of dancers per raid is 15.  This is excellent participation.

THANK YOU to everyone for your support.


Russ DeMaris
Banner Raid Chairman